Pillboxie: Pill Popping User Interface

Pillboxie is an app that helps you remember to take your medications. Add your pills, describing their shape and colour, and then schedule reminders throughout the day and further by days of the week. The user interface for scheduling your pills is not just cute, it’s functional. Just drag your pills into ‘pill boxes’ representing the hour. You can drag more than one pill, drag out pills; it’s crazy nice. Local notifications remind you when you need to pop one.

Sure you can use your regular reminder app — you are using Due, aren’t you? — for the task, but this is so much cooler, quicker, and keeps your medications separate from your shopping tasks. $0.99 at the App Store. This is one beautiful app I’m glad I don’t have any use for though (yet).

(Thanks Gruber Kristóf for the tip off!)

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