Pocket Lists 2 — Simple and Elegant Productivity

Pocket Lists 2 — Simple and Elegant Productivity

A Fantastic Todo App for iOS and the Web

Over the last few years, I’ve used and reviewed quite a few productivity apps and suites. It is always great seeing developers cater to the more casual audiences on one hand, with apps like Clear and Due, and also the “Getting Things Done” crowd on the other with apps like OmniFocus. Things 3 is an excellently balanced app that offers as much as you want from it, without feeling overwhelming in any way. The one problem with Things is the initial cost that is a big barrier for some people (even though it is well worth it). So when Akshay told me about Pocket Lists 2 a little while ago, I was pretty blown away by just how well designed the app is and how much it offers right now.

1312 advertises this as the most friendly to-do list app and it shows. A lot of modern apps either go standard for their interfaces while sticking to platform specific design guidelines or go all the way to create a good looking but confusing for some interfaces. Pocket Lists 2 has an interface that looks great — but one that doesn’t sacrifice simplicity. It is also built to be as simple or as complex as you’d like it to be.

The options for iconography and backgrounds for projects and tasks are great. Usually, apps offer just a background or an icon customization option. Pocket Lists 2 has both which I love. The use of larger than usual icons for the lists is also a welcome change from the usual size most apps use. The completion animation for lists is also really nice with a confetti explosion animation and some nice blurred transition that gives you a nice card with options to redo the list or archive it. While there isn’t a dark mode available right now, it is set to arrive soon. I’m curious about how a lot of these icons will work with a darker theme. In its current state, Pocket Lists 2 is a gorgeous todo app that has the most colorful interface possible while still looking elegant.

Since subscription payments are pretty popular with developers these days, I’d like to commend 1312 on offering a lifetime one-time payment option in addition to its subscription services. While the core app functionality is Free, you can upgrade to Premium to get a privacy lock for the app, Superpriorities, Subtasks, a web app with sync, and more. There are monthly and yearly options for $1.99 and $12.99 respectively. The Premium Forever option costs $19.99, which should make for an easy decision. I wish more developers that offered subscription pricing offered a one time option for those who are opposed to the pricing model while still covering costs for a few years at least.

Overall, Pocket Lists 2 is a fantastic Todo app. If you aren’t a fan of syncing and having your data stored online, you can use this completely locally without sync. If you do want to sync your tasks and enjoy other Premium features, there is a one-time purchase option in addition to monthly and yearly subscriptions. Even if you aren’t looking for a new productivity app, this is worth downloading to just check out the lovely interface. Pocket Lists 2 is available for Free on the App Store as a Universal app. I’m looking forward to seeing how they continue to evolve the app with the upcoming features set for release early this year.

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