Repeat Timer Pro

Repeat Timer Pro

Repeat Timer Pro is a simple timer app for iPhone that not only boasts some beautiful pixels, but also a host of features not found on many other timer apps. One of the notable features of the app is the interval timer, a secondary timer that runs between two consecutive timers. For example, you can set a timer for 5 minutes that’ll repeat 10 times with 30 seconds breaks in between each countdown cycle. This comes in pretty nifty for exercising or certain study techniques.

The app also features a 3 different timers that can run simultaneously, local notifications to remind you when a timer’s done and an extensive list of sounds to choose from for the notification.

The app makes use of a very neat and elegant color scheme for its UI, and the interface has been well crafted by the designer. There are tiny animations and interface sounds that put the joy in using the app. The UX is wonderfully done and overall, Repeat Timer Pro is a fantastic timer app that you’ll probably wish you could replace the default timer app with.

Repeat Timer Pro is available for $1.99 on the App Store. The designer Artem Lapitski has also posted a detailed ‘behind the scenes’ guide for the app. It’s a fascinating look through the process of the app’s idea, the sketching, the design and how Artem kept polishing it over and over again and the marketing strategy is went with. You can view it here.

[h/t to Nicolas Rollier]

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