Reprise Rekindles your iOS Music Library

Reprise is a beautiful iOS music app that claims to be the best way to enjoy your iTunes Music library. When I first checked out the app on the App Store, I wasn’t sold. Sure, the app looked pretty, but I wondered if I needed another music app. I decided to try it out anyway.

Reprise‘s first impressions are quite good. It featured a dark user-interface and a quite enjoyable user experience for playing your music library. Designed by Mathieu White and developed by Adam Bell, Reprise features a unique algorithm implemented in shuffle wherein it makes sure that it’ll never repeat a song you’ve heard while it plays through your entire library. This way, it always guarantees a fresh song for you.

Adding songs to and maintaining a queue in Reprise is also extremely simple. I very rarely make permanent playlists, so I found this feature pretty nifty. The player controls and pretty neat and the app also features a jog-wheel to skip through your songs. Reprise also features integration and sharing via Twitter.

Reprise is a pretty solid music app for iOS and sells for $1.99 on the App Store.

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