Showlist 2

Showlist 2

Showlist 2 is a slick iPhone app to help you keep track of all your favorite TV shows that you love watching. We’ve written about a few different TV Show tracking apps in the past and it’s always great to see new apps on the App Store. Showlist debuted on the App Store back in September last year and was quickly updated with an iOS 7 overcoat. Showlist 2 is a major update to the app that not only brings a refreshed look to the app, but also improves & adds new features that make it a solid alternative to the currently available apps on the App Store.

Showlist 2 adds notifications, so you’ll know when the next episode of any of your favorite show airs next. There’s a vast library of shows available in Showlist, and adding them to your library is quite easy. I like that the app makes you set till what episode you’ve watched a show, so it can start tracking from new episode onwards. Also new in this release is a detailed view for each show, statistics, countdown to the next episode in each show, trending tweets about a particular show and information about the show and its cast. Although the trending tweets is a nice idea, it just does a simple search for the show name, so something like ‘Suits’ turns up random tweets.

The newly redesigned UI looks slick & fresh. I’m a fan of clean layouts and I love what they’ve done with the app. The purple accent color goes great with the mostly white UI. Most TV Shows that I regularly watch are currently on a season break, but when they’re back, I’ll definitely be tracking them in this app. Showlist 2 is available for $0.99 on the App Store.

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