Sizer Measures up to Our Expectations

Sizer Measures up to Our Expectations

Sizer is a simple app, but one that may prove valuable to many, especially when shopping abroad. Allowing you to input your size on anything from pants and shoes to rings and hats, Sizer will match it up with size systems native to locations like Europe, Britain, and Japan.

Sizer lets you add as many profiles as you wish, so if you’re heading over to Europe and plan on doing some shopping for family and friends you not only have all their sizes conveniently located in one place but you’ll know exactly what size equivalent you’re looking for. Even if shopping locally, Sizer will make sure you can walk in to a store with, say, European shoe sizes and act like you know what you’re looking for. Of course, you’re not limited to worrying about global size equivalents, either. Whether it’s just some holiday or birthday shopping, Sizer is a great companion to keep everything in once place.

Sizer features some neat design choices unique to its purpose including a dark denim background and some stitching just beneath the navigation bar. A nice touch.

The app does just what it says, and priced at just $1.99, why not try it on for size?

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