Static is a Slick ‘Social Network Stats’ App for iPhone

A few days ago, someone teased a link to Static for iPhone — a simple, slick app that displays stats from a few social networks and channels. The screenshots up on the site were enough to pique my interest and a couple of days later, I was playing with the app on my iPhone. Today, Static has been released on the App Store it’s really a fine, neatly crafted app that offers a quick glimpse at the relevant stats from some popular social networks and online services that you may be a part of.

Static for iPhone has been conceptualized, designed and developed by Jayson Lane who like me, was also looking for a simple app to replace Ego for iPhone that had stopped working with most services. A quick look at Static and you’ll realize the design ideology behind the app. It features a slick, clean and minimal UI. Subtle transitions and animations have been included all over the app, so the overall experience that Static offers is just great. The app presently offers support for 5 services in the app — Twitter, Google Analytics, Instagram, Dribbble and Github. When setting up each service, the screens use the color of the respective service, which is a nice tough. It uses the native Twitter integration in iOS, so you don’t have to re-enter your username & password for it. While Instagram and Google Analytics require you to sign in and authorize the app, Dribbble and Github work by just entering the username and thus you can add more than one username for these two. Static uses iOS’s now-default pull-to-refresh animation, but goes further by adding a loading animation to the cells when the app is fetching data for each service. You can tap the cells of each service to shuffle through other stats from the service. Tapping and holding down each cell lets you rearrange the order in the list. Tap the logo of each service and you get the option to remove it or view your profile. Static is clever in the way that it’ll open the profile in a native app if it finds it installed on the iPhone. So if you have Instagram installed, your profile will open directly in the app.

While Static only supports five services today, Jayson is openly accepting requests for additional services from within the app and will keep adding newer services based on their demand. At just $0.99 on the App Store, it’s a gorgeous app to set up on your iPhone.

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