Steinway Metronome — Beautiful rhythm and woods

Steinway Metronome — Beautiful rhythm and woods

Steinway & Sons is one of the best, if not the best piano manufacturing companies in the world. Their instruments are symbols perfectionism and quality, and are bought by top musicians all over the world. And now, you can get some of this unique Steinway feeling and look on your iPhone for free — with the mobile Steinway metronome app.

Designed by Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain this app offers unique style in perfection combined with a very useful metronome. Taking nearly every time signature you can think of, exact tempo descriptions and “tap to rhythm” feature, this metronome has got all the stuff you need to keep your beat. It is just perfectly constructed and transports the Steinway feeling with the wooden style and precious elements and navigation. And the coolest thing to me is definitely the ability to change the “wood” style within the app to fit your taste. And since it is free, there is no excuse for you to try this thing out. Ready, steady go!.

Editor’s take: There’s something about this app that doesn’t feel right. For instance, the dial is a very realistically drawn wheel, but when you spin it, only the thumb-depression appears to move. Second, I see he has implemented Mike Bernardo’s classy rocker switches. They look very real, but their behaviour is that of a digital switch. So if you tap the depressed end of the switch, where in the real world it would stay that way, with this app it toggles the action anyway. If you want to simulate real world objects, they need to behave like so. Also, the wood, I don’t like it. It doesn’t blend well with the rest of the metallic UI, but they probably needed that for branding. It still is a nice app to have, especially if you’re looking for metronome functionality.

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