Vintape is a really neat iPhone app that will easily make you nostalgic. I still remember the day my father brought home a flatbed cassette player and I purchased my first music cassette for the movie Koyla. Vintape’s design tries to recreate the magic of a cassette player on your iPhone. It’s a vintage cassette player that takes your digital music and adds a classic touch to it.

With Vintape, you can create mixtapes and add songs to each mixtape, essentially working as a playlist. The app allows you to choose the style & design of the cassette and even lets you name them individually. The interface is beautifully done — you have buttons to control the playback, a stack of your mixtapes on the right and the settings on the left. I love how, to create a new mixtape, Vintape makes you drag and peel off the red plastic strand from the plastic that the original blank cassettes came packaged in. You can even tap and circle to move the tape back & forward. The playback controls buttons have a pressed state, though I wish the sound used there was a different one. There’s an option in the Settings to add a magnetic ‘hiss’ to your audio to give you a natural feel.

Vintape’s UI and UX are brilliantly done and if you’re looking for an app like this, Vintape is available Free on the App Store with IAP to enable additional features.

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