Watzon Timezone Converter

Watzon Timezone Converter

Watzon is a time zone converter and reminder app for iPhone. Watzon’s simplicity makes it a really nifty utility to have in your pocket. It makes timezone conversions easy by telling you exactly what the time is in the other location.

From the top, you set your source timezone (your local timezone in most cases) and at the bottom, you set what timezone you want to convert to. Next, you set what time you want to convert from. Swiping horizontally jumps one hour and swiping vertically changes the minutes. The destination time is automatically shown for you and the center shows exactly how long that is. The tiny watch icon in the center allows you to create a calendar entry easily.

My only quibble with Watzon is that you have to know the Time Zone code to use the app. There’s no search available, so you have to first Google the time zone code and then scroll horizontally to it. I only know a handful of time zone codes myself.

Watzon is available Free on the App Store, with an optional $1.99 IAP to enable the Calendar integration and support the developer.

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