Weave is Your To-Do for Work Management

Weave is Your To-Do for Work Management

Over the past few weeks I’ve checked out a couple apps for getting things done, and there is most certainly more to come. In today is Weave, a lovely app drawn up by a lovely gal while working with Intuit. Yes, Intuit, the company behind such eye candy as TurboTax and QuickBooks.

From a company like Intuit you’d expect Weave to be an app that’s more business oriented, and it is, sorta. Weave does to-do’s, but it also does projects; a place for grouping all your to-do’s related to one task. The project doesn’t have to be Quarterly Financials Meeting 2011, either. Go ahead and create ‘Macy’s Birthday Party’ or ‘Textbooks for Semester 1’ and Weave is personal again. With your tasks you can optionally set a due date with accompanying a reminder, as well as hours spent on that task, handy for the more work-centric side of Weave. You can also go ahead and attach expenses and incomes to any project or task, a handy addition for budgeting party expenses or billing your clients.

Weave offers you some gorgeous pixels with a price tag marked Free, so treat yourself to a lovely app without touching the bank for once.

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