Wiselist is an Innovative Task Manager for iPhone

Wiselist is an Innovative Task Manager for iPhone

In this life that always seems to be full of never-ending tasks, it is imperative that we make use of technology we have at our disposal. There are several task management apps available for iOS — not to mention the built-in Reminders app. Today we’re giving Wiselist a spin; it is an innovative task manager app that brings checklists, reminders and notes all into one place.

The app begins with a short tutorial where it familiarises you with basic gestures that will come naturally to you, if you’re already a user of, say, Mailbox. The app is based on flat design — a design style that even my grandma probably knows about, ever since those iOS 7 rumours. The app looks quite elegant thanks to a well thought out colour combination. The big square and circle shaped action buttons are delightful to look at. The primary screen shows your ‘Wiselists’. You can begin adding new Wiselists by clicking the ‘+’ button at the bottom.

This is where it gets interesting — a ‘Wiselist’ can simply be a single task with a due date (for e.g. “pick up laundry”). Or it can be a big task with multiple sub-tasks. Let’s say you create ‘Shopping’ as a Wiselist, now you can add a checklist within that includes the items you intend to shop. Not just that, you can also append notes to a Wiselist, if you need to be descriptive. Last, you can also tag images from your camera roll or even Dropbox to your Wiselist.

Wiselists can be organised by creating various categories. Categories need to be assigned colours, so that Wiselists can be highlighted as per their category colour on the main screen. It looks really beautiful and will make differentiating between Wiselists easier as you get used to the colour assignments. On the left, it shows how many days are remaining to complete a particular Wiselist. On the right, it shows a number depicting how many checklist items/notes/images are assigned to that Wiselist. A priority Wiselist is also earmarked with a symbol similar to the red-coloured bookmark in the iBooks app.

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To mark any element as completed or to even mark the entire Wiselist, you have to swipe from left to write over it. To delete, swipe in the opposite direction to reveal a delete button. Two problems we found with the app are — you can’t move checklist items after you’ve jotted them down; they will be placed in the order they were written. Also, even though you can put a due date for a task, it does not ask you for the exact time. This would be nice if say, you had assigned many tasks all of which, were to be completed in a single day. Nonetheless, there’s an option in the Settings menu to enable alerts for a Wiselist on the same day, one day or one week before its due date.

All in all, if you can forgo the lack of time-based task completion, Wiselist otherwise is a neat app that will help you organise your life better. We give it a thumbs up! You can download it from the App Store for just $0.99.

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