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iMazing Mini

iMazing Mini — Supercharged Backup for your iPhone and iPad

Apple’s devices are a marvel of engineering – of that, there’s no doubt. Even their staunchest critics will admit that Apple’s hardware design is second to none. What drives people away from Apple, besides their pricing decisions, is usually their stranglehold on the software. Apple’s philosophy is to simplify the User Experience, usually at the cost of customizability. Sometimes, though, they take this even further than logic dictates necessary. While their sandboxing model can be both a good security measure...

Day One Journal Adds End-to-End Encryption Feature to the iOS App

The Winners of Apple Design Awards 2017

In a surprising change of tradition, this year for WWDC 2017, Apple chose not to host a public ceremony for their annual Apple Design Awards. Instead, according to Rene Ritchie at iMore, Apple held a private event this year with sort of a meet-and-greet with Craig Federighi and other Apple executives. The ADAs are immensely coveted and a big deal, and having your name announced in front of a large audience and to run to the stage to claim your...


Bear App’s 1.2 Update Adds Sketches and Custom Icons

The mighty Bear app continues to impress us with every release. The already stellar and versatile notes app got better with its v1.1 update released just a couple of months ago, and now the developers have landed another massive feature in the app — sketching. Sketch Bear app has been updated to Version 1.2 today and you can now add sketches to your notes in the app. While inside a note, you can tap the squiggly line glyph to invoke...

Things 3

Things 3: The Return of the Delightful To-Do App from Cultured Code

If my memory serves me correctly, Cultured Code’s Things was one of the first 3rd-party apps I’d spent serious money on. I first came across the app when Shawn Blanc — my favorite source of app recommendations back then — wrote this extensive review of Things on his blog. I was new to the whole “GTD” concept, but there was something very peculiar and attractive about how Things looked and worked. I was instantly hooked. And so were several others,...

WeDo Offers Wunderlist Importer and Bundles 6 Months of WeDo Pro