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Newton’s Tidy Inbox Helps You Get Rid of the Clutter

Spark Email app for Mac

Spark for Mac 1.3 Arrives with a Much Improved Search Feature

Spark — Readdle‘s gorgeous email app for iOS has been my favorite email app for almost a year now. It got a lot of things right at release, bringing along an excellent blend of aesthetics and functionality. The team also released Spark for Mac in December last year, and since then, the folks at Readdle have been doing a remarkable job of improving the apps and adding some amazing features to them. Today, Spark for Mac Version 1.3 debuts on...

Flume Instagram App for Mac

Flume 2.7 Adds Carousel Uploads, Saved Collections and 2FA Settings

Flume for Mac — the outstandingly beautiful Instagram app for Mac was updated to version 2.7 last week. This version introduces some great new features to the app. Flume 2.7 adds full support for carousel/multi-image uploads. Instagram added this feature back in February and Flume has supported browsing, viewing and editing them since Flume 2.5 which was released in March. We’ve gone a step further than what you can do on the mobile Instagram apps however, as we’ve provided complete...

Transmit 5 - Panic's File Transfer App for Mac

Transmit 5 — Panic’s Majestic File Transfer App for Mac is Here

For as long as I can remember, every time someone asked me the question, “Hey! Do you know a good FTP app for Mac?” my standard response to that has been to point them to Panic’s Transmit app. Panic has been making really good apps for consumers for almost two decades now, and I’ve personally been witness to their astounding ability to ship incredible & pixel-perfect apps for about a decade. The company is known for their popular apps like...

iMazing Mini Launched — Securing your iOS Devices is now a Download Away

Fantastical 2.4 for Mac