Furnish your Mac with Better Scrollbars

Furnish your Mac with Better Scrollbars

[tweetmeme]While we’re on the topic of customisation, how about you get rid of those blue pill scrollbars, thereby annihilating the major portion of Aqua on your Mac. You don’t have to do any crazy hacks, your Finder doesn’t crash, and you can always go back to using your previous files.

For starters, the iTunes like flat grey scrollbars work well on a leopard desktop without having any adverse effects on your workflow. It’s familiar, feels native to almost all windows, and you won’t miss aqua that’s for sure. Download the resource files [Originally from here]. Then navigate to Mac HD » System » Library » Frameworks » Carbon.framework » Versions » A » Frameworks » HIToolbox.framework » Versions » A » Resources. First thing you want to do, is backup your Extras.rsrc (for PPC) and Extras2.rsrc (Intel) files. Then copy over the new file (you’ll be asked to authenticate), after which just give it a reboot. And if you want your progress bars to go graphite as well, Matt a.k.a. mdznr has a mod including that as well.


Next up, is the Mail scrollbar, designed by Ricardo Seifert a.k.a., Hirogen. I don’t know how it gets its name, but its milky white look certainly feels mail-ish in certain ways [as seen in the article header]. It’s a looker, but only in select situations. Finder windows (the right side, not the left), Mail, Safari web pages with a white background, all look stunning with this overall minimal scrollbar. It does have its faults however. If an app makes provision for a scrollbar (it’s not dynamic), you get this ugly grey inner shadow. If it’s a webpage with anything but a white background, it looks borked. Loved having it on my system for a week though.

Lastly, if you still like the Aqua look, take a look at Aqua Extreme by Max Rudberg. It’s by no means as drastic a change as the other, and most will probably not even notice the difference. But we do right? I thought so. Aqua Extreme comes in installer format, and also includes “Marble”, which is basically the iTunes style scrollbar discussed above.


In my searches, I’ve found a few more scrollbars. But Beautiful Pixels is more of an exclusive list rather than inclusive. If you’re found a gorgeous scrollbar I’m totally missing out on, do tell.