Mono: Beauty to your Growl notifications

Growl, the de facto notification system on the Mac, is loved by many a Mac user. Whether you like to be notified about little things going on with your Mac is a different matter. We’re here to pretty it up. Growl ships with a bunch of built in themes, most of which are well suited to the purpose. As it turns out however, there isn’t that big a skinning market when it comes to Growl themes. It’s there, but not big. In fact, I found just one theme unique enough to warranty your attention.

Designed by Christopher Lobay of Fixed Gear, Mono is not just a slick theme in terms of pixels, it’s also beautifully animated using CSS animations. If you’re a user of Growl, this is the skin to have.

Lobay also has another plain theme “Basics“, which is also attractive. And lastly, if you’re into the HUD look, there’s the HUD skin by Alex which also stands out on its own. That’s all I could find. There are some more ‘out there’ themes that mimick iPhone notifications and such, but they’re far from being practical. If you’ve found any, do tell.

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