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Sketch Version 47 Update

Sketch Introduces Libraries and Smooth Corners in the Latest Update

Sketch has become one of the most popular tools in a designer’s toolkit. This vector-based designing app has been the go-to recommendation for several designers I know and has over the last few years made a name for itself by making some bold moves — like pulling itself out of the Mac App Store and moving to a subscription model for regular updates. Today, the team at Bohemian Coding has released Sketch 47 — a major release that introduces two...

iStat Menus 6 by Bjango

iStat Menus 6 — An Incredible System Monitor for Mac

Earlier this week, our friends at Bjango released iStat Menus 6 — a massive update to the popular menubar-based system monitoring app for Mac. This is a big update since the release of iStat Menus 5 over three years ago and includes an impressive list of new features and improvements — as is expected from Bjango. We’d gotten a sneak peek at the iStat Menus 6 app icon a few days ago. If you’re hearing about iStat Menus for the...

Contrast Color Accessibility Picker App

At a Glance: Contrast — The Color Accessibility App

Contrast is a neat little Mac app created by Sam Soffes and Matt Smith targeted towards UI designers and web developers. It provides easy access to the WCAG color contrast ratios, so you can design with accessibility in mind. Contrast provides a color picker for you to quickly sample and test out your colors. You can still enter hex codes manually, but the picker makes things so easy. The app automatically updates, giving you instant feedback score about how accessible...

iStat Menus 6 for Mac - View Stats on the Mac

At a Glance: iStat Menus 6 App Icon

Our friends at Bjango posted this app icon for the upcoming major release of iStat Menus. iStat Menus is one of the first apps I install on a new Mac, and comes highly recommended from us. If you’d like to help Bjango by testing the app, you can sign up for a beta here. Here’s how the app icon has evolved since the first release: About these At a Glance posts: ‘At a Glance’ is a new type of post...

Spark Email app for Mac

Spark for Mac Adds 3rd Party Integrations; iOS App Adds Touch ID & PDF Expert Integration

If it wasn’t clear from the myriad of articles we’ve published here already, we’ll just spell it out: We’re huge fans of Spark, the fantastic email app from Readdle. With a presence on iOS and macOS (and, hopefully soon on Android), Spark’s incredible set features, sync that works, and integration with other Readdle apps is already helping millions work better and easier. The newest round of updates being added today to Spark for macOS and iOS are going to supercharge...

Newton’s Tidy Inbox Helps You Get Rid of the Clutter