ScreenFloat — Harness the Power of your Screenshots [Sponsor]

ScreenFloat — Harness the Power of your Screenshots [Sponsor]

If you’ve ever had to transfer information from one window or app to another, you know the drill: switch back and forth between applications, or resize and move your windows around until you can see just enough to get the job done.

With ScreenFloat, this is a thing of the past. You just take a screenshot of the portion of the window you need and ScreenFloat shows it floating above all windows. Now you can comfortably switch to any application you like and start copying down the information. Or compare two images with each other. Or put up a code snippet you’d like to adjust on the fly.
The use-cases are endless.


Say a friend is in the market for a new MacBook Pro and you want to help them compare the features between the various models. That information is readily available at Apple’s website, and you could manually type it into an email by switching back and forth between Safari and Mail (which can be particularly annoying if you’re using full screen apps) or, with ScreenFloat, you can simply grab all of the relevant information in a screenshot which then stays on top of any window or application, even while in full screen mode.

ScreenFloat keeps track of your screenshots in its “Shots Browser”, where shots can be tagged and categorized. They remain there, until you need them floating again. This makes ScreenFloat a great screenshots manager as well.

Shots can be made more or less translucent, so comparing two versions of your work is easier and quicker, they can be dragged out for use in other applications, copied, printed or shared via OS X’s sharing services.

ScreenFloat Website (free 15-day Demo available) | ScreenFloat on the Mac App Store ($8.99)

ScreenFloat is an app crafted with care by Eternal Storms Software, also responsible for Yoink, Transloader, Glimpses, flickery and SiriMote.

Many thanks to Eternal Storms Software for sponsoring us again this week.