The Side: Skala Color

The Side: Skala Color

Skala Color

Last month, I got some interesting details about Bjango’s new app Skala from Marc Edwards in The Dialogue. Everyone has been waiting for a beta for a while now. To help us cope with the wait, Bjango releases Skala Color today. Skala Color is a color picker that has been built for OS X and can be accessed in any native application that accesses the standard colour pickers on OS X.

Skala Color has been built keeping in mind all the formats you will need for iOS, Android, Web and OS X development. Once you install it and use it for some time, you will wonder how things were before Skala Color. It makes working with colours in Xcode a whole lot easier. I love how it detects a colour values copied to clipboard and lets you work with them instantly. Hue and Opacity sliders with 4x precision are also available.

This is the colour picker you need and have been waiting for on OS X and it is already better than everything else out there. Best of all, you can get it for free from the website.

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