Sleeve is a Gorgeous Now Playing Widget for your Desktop

Sleeve is a Gorgeous Now Playing Widget for your Desktop

Sleeve is a beautifully crafted app for macOS that displays your currently playing track as a tiny widget on your Desktop. Made by Hector Simpson* and Alasdair Monk from Replay, it works with Apple Music or Spotify and comfortably lives on your desktop without getting in your way. We’ve only been playing around with it for a day, but can confidently say that Sleeve is the ultimate example of a really polished and delightful app.

Sleeve shows the album artwork, track name, artist name, and album name on the Desktop. It’s not an interactive widget, so you can’t control playback using Sleeve (not that we want to). It works natively with the Apple Music and Spotify apps and doesn’t require your account details.

Customize How Sleeve Looks on your Desktop

My favorite thing about Sleeve is really how customizable it is. You can change a lot of options to modify its appearance on the Desktop, such as the Album artwork size and the rounded corner size, light or dark themes, show/hide the track title, album name and artist, alignment options, and the text size.

Sleeve App Customizable Options

You can also choose where you want Sleeve to appear on the Desktop — either at the four corners, or dead in the center. If you have multiple displays connected to your Mac, you can also choose which display Sleeve should appear pinned to.

Another aspect of Sleeve that managed to impress us was its icons. Along with a beautiful app icon, it also ships with this lovely drive icon for its DMG.

Sleeve App Icons

Sleeve is available for $5 from the Replay website.

*Hector has previously made appearances on Beautiful Pixels for Post-Rock Tuesdays and Stand app. He also makes these beautiful wallpaper collections called Aqueux, Candy, and Wavey.

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