Spark for Mac Enables Better Organization of Emails with Support for Labels and Folders

Spark Email app for Mac

Readdle’s Spark seems to be everyone’s favorite email client these days. It made its debut with phenomenal apps for iOS (including a watchOS app) as well as macOS just last year and it has only gotten better since then. I’ve completed moved from Airmail to Spark as my primary email client and it has been a fantastic daily companion so far. Readdle has today released version 1.2 for the macOS version of Spark that introduces better email management features, so that you can bring order to the chaos in your mailbox.


Spark 1.2 for Mac adds support for Labels. Once enabled from the Preferences, your mails can be tagged and filtered using the labels you like or use. This is especially helpful when you’re using a shared inbox.


With Spark 1.2, you can choose which folders show up on the left sidebar and also re-order them with a simple drag and drop action. I have a ‘Pending’ folder that I’m very used to and I can have it right where I want now. Your folders can also now display the number of unread emails in them.

Smart Search

This new version also improves upon how you can search your emails. The app now lets you use the ‘AND’ & ‘OR’ operators to fetch your results. Your results are much more precise now.

This is a free update to existing users and Spark is available for Free on the App Store.

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