Veeer is a Fantastic (and Free) Window Manager for Mac

Veeer is a Fantastic (and Free) Window Manager for Mac

You don’t realize how much you need a window manager in your life till you actually try one.

Veeer is a fantastic, light-weight and free window manager for macOS that helps you get more productive. It allows you to take control of all the application windows you have open on your Mac and lets you move and arrange them in a better way, as and when you need to. As a result, you can not only get your work done faster and easier, you also have a cleaner and nicer workspace to do your work in.

What’s a Window Manager?

For the uninitiated, a window manager for Mac is a handy utility that helps you in arranging and moving your application windows around. If you’ve ever used those tiny buttons at the top left of every window to make a window go fullscreen, minimize it or close it, or if you have manually resized the size of a window by carefully placing the cursor on the edge of the screen, so that you can see more content either in the window or behind it, then you’re in for a treat with Veeer. Veeer makes it super easy to quickly perform the above actions (and more) with a few simple clicks — anywhere on the window. You can drag, minimize, resize, or center a window by invoking Veeer using its Hotkeys and clicking anywhere in the screen with the relevant left/right click of the mouse or the touchpad, without having to move the mouse to the title bar or the edges. You can even resize a window towards the top, bottom, left, or right of your screen using the “WASD” or arrow keys on your keyboard. Once you find out what Veeer is capable of doing to your windows, your productivity increases exponentially.

What’s Possible with Veeer?

Veeer - Window Manager for Mac

The Commands and Actions in Veeer

I have never used the fullscreen option on a Mac, as I’ve had a two-display setup for the longest time. I always find myself immersed in multiple windows on each of the screens and I have always used Cmd+Tab or Cmd+H to handle them. Even then, I like what Veeer offers and currently have it running on my Mac.

If you work with multiple windows and need a window manager for Mac in your life, you should get Veeer.

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