Work Smarter and Accomplish More by Managing Work with Pagico 9

Work Smarter and Accomplish More by Managing Work with Pagico 9

Things that always stress me out: task list getting too long, or multiple projects going at the same time. But the new Pagico 9 works like an external memory that lets me offload my brain, think more clearly and get more done.

Keeping Everything Together

We all have many areas of responsibilities: projects at work, family errands, or that wonderful vacation you’re planning. When multiple tracks of things move concurrently, we may overlook details or even miss deadlines. With Pagico, you can keep all these tracks neatly in check by centralizing notes, tasks, checklists, emails and files by projects and clients. Imagine how convenient it is to have boarding passes right next to travel itineraries, or design documents together with submission deadlines. By keeping things together, you can offload your brain and think more clearly.

Planning and Staying On-Track

To be productive, you need to plan ahead, stay on track, and adjust plans as needed. Pagico can help with all these areas. Unlike conventional todo apps that rely on lists and calendars, Pagico visualizes your tasks as timelines, which let you intuitively perceive your workload. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks, and long-term deadlines never creep up on you. Need to move your plans around? Just drag things around on the timeline, or use the smart snooze options to swiftly reschedule.

Reducing Stress

While getting stuff done is satisfying, it can get stressful too. So Pagico 9 is also designed to reduce your stress. Since Pagico visualizes your workload as timelines, you can see far ahead into the future. The ability to see potential problems ahead of time can help you generate solutions and worry less. Then, its elegant UI is designed to present information at a moderate level of density, perfect to induce a sense of calm. Its newly added Dark Mode also makes it comfortable when working at nights.

Keeping Data Local & Syncing Across Devices

Always on-the-go or simply wish to keep data offline? Then Pagico is the right choice for you! By being a native app that lives on your computer, Pagico stores your data on your computer and on your computer only (by default). Need to sync with your other computer or mobile devices? Just turn on the data sync feature and Pagico will securely sync your data via the built-in cloud sync capability.

Work smarter and accomplish more. Boost your productivity with the new Pagico 9! Buy today and save 30% during the Black Friday Sale.

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