Welcome to the world of Beautiful Pixels

Welcome to the world of Beautiful Pixels

bpFirst of all, Hi, and thanks for stopping by. To save you from the troubles of going through a lengthy introductory post, I’ll keep this short.

[tweetmeme] We’ve been running Smoking Apples, an Apple-centric resource for the past year or so. In course of discovering and reviewing products, we’ve found a lot of them exhibit extraordinary user interfaces, that leave a drool stain on ones t-shirt. So we thought how about we create a place, a little haven, dedicated to service beautiful user interface.

We don’t discriminate against buggy software, we won’t give much regard to heavy ajax in a web app, or argue that it should work on 10.5 Leopard; all we care about is beautiful functional user interface existing on the Mac, iPhone, and we’re even considering the web. You can expect to find quick discoveries of gorgeous looking apps, roundups and shootouts, linkups to interesting articles, and interviews with some of your favourite designers.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this little blog as much as we enjoy publishing it.

PS: There’s a submit story link in the sidebar. We can’t do this without you.
PS 2: The logo is a placeholder. We know.