Follow Friday: Beautiful Pixels

Follow Friday: Beautiful Pixels

Can I have a minute of your time? Thanks. I hope you’ve appreciated that we don’t promote ourselves on every corner of this blog. But we would still appreciate it if our audience would grow further on all of our platforms, and some of you may not be aware of our expanding network, so let me put it in writing.

First and foremost, consider following @beautifulpixels on twitter, if you aren’t already. I assure you it’s not an auto-tweet account and we post a lot of other interesting links and stories that don’t quite fit into the main story. Also, if you’d like to, you can follow the people who work to bring you this content, which is Milind (Me) at @goobimama, Preshit at @preshit, and Lukas at @lukehrm.

Second, Beautiful Pixels is now on Tumblr. In fact, I registered the tumblog way before the main domain came into being. But it was just yesterday that I decided to cross-post to that platform. Why? Well, tumblr has a unique way of promoting articles via likes and reblogs, which would be perfect for the kind of content we post on this site. After some heart to heart with our twitter followers, we’ve also decided to post additional links and content that we previously only sent out via Twitter. If you’re a Tumblr user, we hope this will further prettify your dashboard.

As for the question of moving to entirely Tumblr, it has come up quite often. To me it’s not about stability of the platform. It’s about presentation of content, which is something we deeply care about. Tumblr encourages the Dashboard, which strips away any presentation element besides basic structure. Second, we can’t do any complex computing like displaying random favourites below, or have any hopes of doing this kind of stuff in the future. Mostly, we have some plans for this blog, and we’d like to keep our options open. WordPress allows for immense flexibility in presentation, and we’re quite happy with that. The tumblog for now is low priority and our focus hasn’t shifted from the main site.

So, keep those retweets and reblogs (and faves!) coming and we’ll continue supplying you with the choicest of user interfaces. If at any time you have a bright idea or want to share some UI criticism, @’us on twitter, or pour your heart out in an email to [email protected]. Thanks for your time!

The birdie icon used above is Twitter Bird by freakyframes