Pinner 3 for iOS 8

Pinner 3 for iOS 8

Although iOS has always had some of the best apps compared to other mobile platforms, most of these apps have had to use too many workarounds to get things done well. All that changed when Apple announced iOS 8. All these years, 3rd party apps for Pinboard have had to use things like Safari bookmarklets on iOS to make saving things easier. Pinner 3 by Sam Oakley is the first Pinboard app to take advantage of the new features available on iOS 8 and it has replaced Pushpin on my Homescreen over the last few weeks.

Pinner 3 sports a brand new look. There are customization options for the look of the app including app font and themes. I love the light theme with Avenir as the app font. The app is super fast overall and I’ve set it to load the reader optimized view of a URL to save even more time. The interface is very simple and folders can be rearranged by tapping the edit button on the top left. All the glyphs in Pinner 3 are from the Essence icon set by Silvia Gatta.

Pinner 3 is the first Pinboard app to take advantage of the new features iOS 8 has to offer. It has a systemwide Share extension and a Read Later extension to save articles to your Pinboard. The share extension will bring up Pinner’s share sheet that lets you fill in details like title, description, tags and mark the URL as private before saving the bookmark. The Read Later extension will save the link and put it into your Read Later folder in a single tap. The app also has robust custom search. The search isn’t as advanced as Pushpin’s search, but for most people it will be fine. Pinner 3 also supports iOS 8’s continuity. If you have continuity enabled devices with Pinner installed, you can pickup your other device and resume exactly what you were doing in Pinner from the homescreen. Before you ask, Yes, the app supports the new 1Password extension as well to login.

Overall Pinner 3 is one of the best Pinboard apps available today. If you use Pinboard, buy it now. Pinner 3 is available on the App Store as a Universal app for just $4.99.

Mikhail Madnani is the acting Editor-in-Chief of Beautiful Pixels. He’s usually the one making sure so many weather apps get reviewed when he isn’t playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or Hearthstone.