PriorityList – Prioritize Your Tasks

PriorityList – Prioritize Your Tasks

If you find you’re a fan of Calvetica or an avid user of Dialvetica then PriotityList might be just your thing. Filled with crisp-cut corners, finely-formed glyphs, and a text-heavy interface, this one’s a custom delight.

Granted I’ve looked through quite a few task management apps in recent weeks, all of which seem to have a unique way to go about handling your tasks. PriorityList’s unique in that it focuses on just that; priorities. Add your task, description or notes, and optionally choose from one of a few dozen glyphs and you’re set.

Next, priority. Many apps of this style couple ‘finish psychology paper’ with ‘feed the fish’, with little focus on what should come next. Admittedly it doesn’t take much to order your priorities then and there, but having them weighted with a percentage bar that you’ll tire to make 0 really can keep you motivated. That’s why PriorityList gives you 100% to work with, so you can distribute it amongst your tasks to rank anything from projected length to importance. Sort your list ascending or descending from percentage or creation date, and hide those completed all with the tap of a button.

Finally, on from tapping buttons. A key usage factor of PriorityList relies on just that, tapping exactly what you want. Unlike a standard iOS application interface where it’s clear what and where to tap, the custom interface in this one has you think the first time through. Although it may not look it, all it takes it a tap to change it. Edit the title? Tap it. Icon? Tap it. Adjust the percentage slider? Tap! Know that and you’re set.

In the end PriorityList functions as just another task management app that does thing a bit different, with the huge bonus of having a totally unique interface. If that’s you’re thing, then it’s a safe bet to say this could work for you. $0.99 in the App Store.