An Unhealthy Lust for Design

Unread App for iPhone and iPad

Unread App Acquired by Golden Hill Software, Now a Universal App

Unread App — the remarkably elegant RSS app for iOS has been acquired again. We’ve been big fans of the app since its release three years ago and even today, it offers an incredible user experience when it comes to reading and consuming your RSS feeds. It features stunning typography, intuitive gestures & 13 different themes to choose from, and offers by far one of the best reading experiences on iOS. The app was originally developed by Jared Sinclair (known...

Newton’s Tidy Inbox Helps You Get Rid of the Clutter

Spark Email app for Mac

Spark for Mac 1.3 Arrives with a Much Improved Search Feature

Spark — Readdle‘s gorgeous email app for iOS has been my favorite email app for almost a year now. It got a lot of things right at release, bringing along an excellent blend of aesthetics and functionality. The team also released Spark for Mac in December last year, and since then, the folks at Readdle have been doing a remarkable job of improving the apps and adding some amazing features to them. Today, Spark for Mac Version 1.3 debuts on...

Flume Instagram App for Mac

Flume 2.7 Adds Carousel Uploads, Saved Collections and 2FA Settings

Flume for Mac — the outstandingly beautiful Instagram app for Mac was updated to version 2.7 last week. This version introduces some great new features to the app. Flume 2.7 adds full support for carousel/multi-image uploads. Instagram added this feature back in February and Flume has supported browsing, viewing and editing them since Flume 2.5 which was released in March. We’ve gone a step further than what you can do on the mobile Instagram apps however, as we’ve provided complete...

Conduct AR! by NorthPlay

Conduct AR! Looks Like a Fun ARKit Game for iOS 11

The folks at NorthPlay have just announced their upcoming game titled Conduct AR!. NorthPlay, which describes itself as an “entertainment design studio”, currently has two gaming-related projects — a fun little iOS and Android game called Conduct THIS! that involves managing tiny trains and making sure they don’t crash into each other, and a website called Arcade Trail that helps you explore and discover upcoming game titles. Conduct AR! is based on Conduct THIS! and takes it to a whole...

The Roundup

The Roundup: 29 July 2017

We’re back with another week of The Roundup, our weekly series that highlights and showcases some incredible animations, mockups, illustrations that we come across during the week. This time, we’re bringing an incredible roundup of some lovely Landing Pages: We hope you enjoy The Roundup this week and as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we’re always eager to hear them. Note: This post includes animated GIFs, so it’ll take a while to load completely. The Roundup is...