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iA Writer for iPhone

At a Glance: iA Writer 5 for iPhone

About these At a Glance posts: ‘At a Glance’ is a new type of post we’re introducing on Beautiful Pixels. These will usually be short posts with little to no text content, and will feature a quick look at something new we’ve spotted that we think our readers will enjoy.

Dribbble App

Dribbble’s Official App Now Supports Uploading Shots

Dribbble’s official iOS app, which we wrote about back in June, has now added the ability for users to upload shots to their profiles. The folks at Dribbble had promised that this feature was coming in a subsequent release and they dropped Version 1.1 earlier this week that rolls out this feature to all invited users of Dribbble. You can share content from the clipboard, Camera Roll, iCloud and even Dropbox. The app now offers an Upload button so that...

Contrast Color Accessibility Picker App

At a Glance: Contrast — The Color Accessibility App

Contrast is a neat little Mac app created by Sam Soffes and Matt Smith targeted towards UI designers and web developers. It provides easy access to the WCAG color contrast ratios, so you can design with accessibility in mind. Contrast provides a color picker for you to quickly sample and test out your colors. You can still enter hex codes manually, but the picker makes things so easy. The app automatically updates, giving you instant feedback score about how accessible...

The Atlantic App for iPhone and iPad

The Atlantic’s New App for iPhone and iPad

The Atlantic — one of the web’s most popular publications has recently launched an all new version of their iOS app. Although The Atlantic has had an iOS app since 2010, the new app, available for iPhone and iPad, was complete rewritten to focus on a better reading experience and easier access to the content published by The Atlantic. I’ve been trying out the app over the last few days and it really does offer an exceptional reading experience on...

On the Rocks Icon

The Roundup: 02 September 2017

We’re back with another week of The Roundup, our weekly series that highlights and showcases some incredible animations, mockups, illustrations that we come across during the week. This time, we’re bringing an incredible roundup of some lovely Drinks & Party: We hope you enjoy The Roundup this week and as always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, we’re always eager to hear them. Note: This post includes animated GIFs, so it’ll take a while to load completely. The Roundup...

Ramp Champ

Ramp Champ — The Classic iPhone Game Returns to the App Store

Ramp Champ is one of the fondest memories I have of gaming on my iPhone. It is one of the few games that I have spent my money on as soon as I saw it. Ramp Champ made its debut on the App Store back in 2009 and was an instant hit. Co-developed by the folks at The Iconfactory in partnership with DS Media Labs, Ramp Champ’s design was absolutely incredible at the time and the game was an absolute...