An Unhealthy Lust for Design

BeerCamp at SXSW 2011 — Trippy trippy website

While parallax scrolling sure is the wow factor of the times, this is the first time I’m seeing this surreal depth scrolling — I don’t know what it’s called — user interface on a website. It’s freaky, to say the least. Check it out.

A very interesting “About Us” page

The Lateral design team has done an outstanding job with their team page. Clever javascript coupled with a lot of hard work. It’s best viewed in a desktop environment with a mouse pointer. There’s no point talking about it; head over there and see for yourself. Lateral: The Team.

Episodes — Tracking TV on your iPhone

Nial’s back! Who Nial? Nial Giacomelli, the guy who created the splendid Showtime and Nibbble web apps. But this time his pixel goodness is wrapped in Cocoa touch, downloadable from the App Store. Episodes follows continues Showtime’s story, but this time he’s serious. Episodes will keep track of your favourite shows, search through TVDB for episode info, and get recommendations for new shows. In terms of functionality it’s nothing revolutionary, but it’s certainly a pixelicious UI. It’s surprising that he’s...

Front Row UI reimagined

Zach Forrester, the guy who mocked up a 3D Mission Control UI when Lion was announced, takes yet another stab at Apple’s user interfaces — Front Row. Before I go any further, I’ll say that designing Media Center interfaces can let the imagination run a little too wild. On the one hand you can make them highly interactive, vibrant, and delicious looking interfaces, but at the same time make sure that it’s all logical, fast, and easy to understand. Take...

Artist Profile: Ryan Collins’ CSS3 3D experiments

You must have realised by now, we’re big fans of experiments with CSS and HTML5 (when matched with tasteful UI design). They’re great not only because of beauty, but they’re also great way to learn new things. And so we came across Theatme, a submission via Twitter by Ryan Collins. I wasn’t expecting much, which probably contributed to the resultant explosion in the mind. Theatme is an online video catalog, with gorgeous tiles of film covers, and beautiful animations to...

Analytics — The Dashboard widget

Designed by Adrian Kenny (with some serious coding by Adam Agnaou), Analytics is a simple dashboard widget for displaying web statistics from Google Analytics. It’s a simple window giving you a brief overview of your current stats. I’m not sure Lucida Grande fits perfectly as its font, but otherwise it’s pretty. If you’re a Google Analytics user who also uses the Dashboard, it’s a neat package. Download.