An Unhealthy Lust for Design

Movies Now HD dressed up pretty

It’s the app that started it all. Movies Now is the fantastically designed iPhone app that allows you to browse movies and buy tickets, skipping the queue altogether. Who can forget that amazing split tab bar that begged to be tapped? Well, they’ve brought their pixels to the iPad. Nothing out of the ordinary, as the app is clearly inspired by its iPhone counterpart. The iPad app loses the fancy tab bar, but makes full use of the extra pixels,...

Howcast for iPad: Contently designed.

I wasn’t familiar with the Howcast video service until the iPad app showed up. Howcast is a service which serves video tutorials for the those little things that make our day better. Those lifehack kind of things. Anyway, the iPad app shows up, and Howcast’s UX designer Brendon Manwaring was kind enough to share some of their design philosophies behind the app. Mind you I’ve downloaded the free app, and totally agree with Brendon’s design ideals—they totally work for this...

Expenditure for iPhone: Keep track of the greens

A very pretty finance app, ‘Expenditure‘, is set to show up on the App Store. It’s still not out yet, but that green UI is certainly something to look at. Take a look through the video walkthrough to see what it’s like, after the break. [via viticci]

Jubilee – Birthdays and Greetings on your iPad

If you’ve been following this blog, or know the who’s who in the design community, there’re no way that you haven’t heard about Marcelo Marfil. Marcelo has worked on some incredible designs in the past that we’ve featured on this blog and we even brought you the artist profile of the man himself. Marcelo is at it again, this time with Jubilee, a gorgeous new app for iPad, developed in concert with Vemedio, the same guys who brought you Snowtape.... gets redesigned

Formspring is one of those niche social networks that no one but 15 year old teenage girls understood. Until designers started signing up, which converted people us into teenage girls. Nice to see the design has been updated to the current aesthetic, so we can stalk our favourite designers even more. Who’s on there? Tim Van Damme Mark Jardine Marc Edwards Louis Harboe Louie Mantia Loren Brichter

doubleTwist – The first Android app worth looking at

And guess what, it’s designed by none other than Sebastiaan de With! There aren’t any screenshots available, and we obviously don’t have an Android device to test it on, but if beauty were skin deep, this thing is gorgeous! Full report on TechCrunch. So that’s the first Android app featured here. More to come? UPDATE: I used the app on an android device. Definitely a breath of fresh air.