CSSDesk: Test Drive your Code

“Ever wanted to quickly try something in HTML and CSS?”, asks developer Josh Pyles of Pixelmatrix designs. That is the way he introduced his new side project CSSDesk, and that is exactly what it is. Built using HTML5 and CSS (with a tiny bit of Flash®), CSSDesk allows you to live mockup a page, or just any UI element right in [...]

Every Time Zone. Thank You.

As the world gets closer and closer, the time difference plays a bigger role in our daily interactions. Who’s awake at what time, and when was the meeting really planned for? Of course, we’ve set up world clocks on our iPhone, and tried to memorize when it is Brandon wakes up in Japan. But here comes a website, swanky as a [...]

Air Video on iPad – Coming Soon

Brandon reviewed Air Video for iPhone back in November. The Air Video iPhone app remotely connects to your Mac, and can either stream pre-converted videos over the network, or even convert videos on the fly and then stream them to your iPhone. In order to use Air Video on your iPhone, you need to download their server software. It will [...]


Announcing a Few Changes to Beautiful Pixels


Screeny 2.0 Goes Beyond Screenshots, Lets You Delete Unwanted (Live) Photos & Videos