The Platter: 10 November 2013

The Platter: 10 November 2013

Narrato Journal

Narrato Journal is a Universal journaling app that lets you organise your thoughts, ideas, pictures, personal events, etc in one place. The app features a very-well-done UI and uses translucency extremely well, making your memories even more precious. Narrato is not just beautiful, it is packed with useful features as well. For your journal entries, the app lets you add in your current mood, text, pictures, location and current weather. Using ‘Life Stream’, you can connect your Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Moves accounts to make the entire journaling experience much better. If you’re using an iPhone 5s, the app also adds in your daily step count via the M7. You can organise your thoughts and moments by creating multiple journals in Narrato. The app has its own well-built cloud syncing service and is Free for up to 250 MB for the first three months and 60MB after that. You can grab Narrato Journal for Free from the App Store.

Breaking News +

Breaking News + by NBC provides you with breaking stories via notifications on your iOS device. The app is optimised for iOS 7 and sports a beautiful and easy to navigate interface, perfect for scanning through the latest news. The red colour used throughout the app really makes the UI stand out. You can choose to get real-time updates for up to 5 stories within the app. The app also lets you mute stories and has a handy ‘Map View’ that gives you an overview of the current breaking news on a map. Breaking News + is worth having on your iOS device and is available Free on the App Store.

Banca — Currency Convertor

We’ve already featured Banca — The Beautiful Currency Converter in the past here on Beautiful Pixels. A few weeks ago, the app was updated with a lovely new design in line with the iOS 7 design guidelines. The UX has vastly improved and the app now feels much more spiffy. If you haven’t already settled on a currency converter, you should definitely check it out. Banca is $1.99 on the App Store.

Alimento — Food Journal

In the last few weeks, we’ve written about a few different recipe apps for iOS and Android. Recently, we were sent a link to Alimento, which is sort of a journaling app, for your food. Ever run across an interesting ingredient or food item in a recipe that your friend tells you about? You can quickly add it in Alimento. You can categorize by Origin, Category & Type, and add multiple photos of it to the journal. Alimento presents the database in a gorgeous display of photos. You can grab the app Free from the App Store and add up to 10 entries in it. Additional entries can be unlocked via an IAP.


Today is a brilliant app from the developers of Journalized. Today is a very beautifully designed app for your iPhone or iPad that displays cards with data that you want to see. It’s primarily an alarm clock app that not only fires up the alarm tone of your choosing, but also shows you some interesting data like your emails, tweets, Facebook messages, calendar events, RSS items, etc. Essentially, today is kinda like Jarvis, designed to greet you every morning and tell you what your day is going to be like. My only quibble with the app is that you cannot interact with the cards, they’re read only. It’s also unfortunate (iOS limitation) that the app cannot use the brilliant Siri voice and has to depend on old, robotic text-to-speech voice in iOS. Today is available on the App Store for $2.99.


We’ve told you guys about the Subway Icon Set in the past, but since then, they set has been updated to include some really nice iOS 7 icons as well. Since a lot of our readers are also designers and developers, this might be a good resource.

Contributed by Preshit Deorukhkar & Amar Kohli.