The Platter: 9 February 2014

The Platter: 9 February 2014

We’re back after a short vacation and have a scrumptious collection of apps and illustrations to show you . So buckle up and prepare yourself for another delicious serving of The Platter.

Polamatic by Polaroid

Polamatic, the official Polaroid app lets you develop your camera pictures into photos that look just like they were taken from a real Polaroid. The app features 36 nostalgia inducing photo effects and vintage Polaroid frames. Polamatic makes use of some lovely blur effects, filters and animations and also lets you share your developed photo to a plethora of apps with its inbuilt sharing features. Polamatic is available for $0.99 on the App Store and on Google Play.

PSD Validator

PSD Validator is a beautiful little website that lets you validate your PSD files before you use them in development. The project has been created by Petter Nilsson using PSD.rb. The validator is a breeze to use and looks extremely polished. To validate your PSD, simply drag and drop it into the drop-zone and click validate. Your PSD will be validated using the rules from Photoshop Etiquette based on some best practices such as organising images, layering, exporting, etc. Make sure you hover over the words ‘PSD VALIDATOR’ on the website to view a fun animation.

Fruit Tart Icon

Fruit Tart Icon is a drool-worthy icon for an app concept made by the talented folks at Creativedash. The extreme attention to detail given to the icon is instantly visible. Everything from the textures and lighting to the use of lifelike colours for the fruits is simply mouthwatering. You can view the icon here and don’t forget to take a look at some other stunning work by Creativedash.


Garnish is a small thank you project developed by Visual Inclination. Garnish is basically a list of Visual Inclination’s favourite cocktail recipes that have been aggregated and made into a Free iPhone app for iOS 7 and web app for iOS 6 or below and Android. The cocktail recipes are displayed beautifully in Garnish and look gorgeous on all devices. Every recipe has an incredible video, demonstrating how to prepare these exquisite concoctions in a manner I haven’t witnessed before. There’s even a shopping list to help you purchase every ingredient used by Visual Inclination for creating these cocktails.


Freeshot is a beautiful Dribbble client for iPhone crafted by Luke Vella specially for iOS 7. Freeshot features a simple, yet attractive user interface that enables you to swipe for switching between sections. You can browse through shots from Popular, Debuts & Everyone sections on Dribbble and if you have an account, you can even view shots from people you’re following. I experienced a small bug in the app that prevented me from signing in to Dribbble. Freeshot is available for Free on the App Store.

Design Shots

Design Shots is another simple iOS app that lets you browse through the top content on Dribbble. You can switch between the Popular, Everyone and Debuts sections on Dribbble with ease and view beautiful edge-to-edge shots that are displayed magnificently on your iPhone or iPod touch. When you tap on any of these shots, the app displays the details on Dribbble through a web view, instead of natively, which was a let down for me. Design Shots is available for Free on the App Store.


Horizon is a really smart camera app that we wish more people knew about. It’s a really simple idea, but one that is very clever. It lets you shoot horizontal-only video from your iPhone, irrespective of how you’re holding your phone. You can rotate your phone all you want, the final video that Horizon outputs will always be horizontal or in landscape. Unfortunately, the resulting video is far from the quality that your iPhone outputs using the default camera app. Horizon is still something you can recommend your friends as a cure for VVS. Horizon is available on the App Store for $0.99.