The Platter — 09 June 2013

The Platter — 09 June 2013

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for their amazing support for our new memberships that we announced last week. We are floored by everyone who helped and came through, thanks for signing up. We’d also like to thank our friends at Evernote, Kippt, Offscreen Mag, Tabs Icons, iA Writer, Ender Labs & TodoMovies for the giveaways. We received a bunch of requests for an alternative to Paypal for the payments and we are now using Stripe to process our payments. You can sign up for our Monthly or Yearly membership using your Credit Card directly.

Here’s at Beautiful Pixels, we are insanely excited to see what Apple announces tomorrow during the WWDC ’13 keynote. A lot has been talked about the new look of iOS under Jony Ive’s helm and it’ll be interesting to see what pixels he’s been pushing in his den. Till then, here’s a quick serving of that ever so awesome Platter.

Felix 2.0 and Felix for iPad

Bill Kunz has created something really special with Felix for In the last few months, it has been improving faster than anything else on the service and it usually gets new API features implemented before any other app. It also looks really nice. Last week, Felix for iPhone hit 2.0 and brought with it an all new iPad app. There’s been a dearth of great iPad clients and Felix really takes the iPad experience to another level. Both the iPhone and iPad apps have a new global stream along with an updated and more polished overall look and feel. Felix for iPhone is available for $0.99 for a limited time (Usually $4.99) and Felix for iPad is available for $4.99 on the App Store.

Whisper — Group Messaging for

We do seem to be featuring a lot of clients don’t we? Well, there’s a good reason for that. Giving developers a great API results in amazing apps. The team behind Riposte released a brilliant new messaging app for called Whisper. Whisper builds on the existing PM system and adds real time typing notifications, great looking stickers, location sharing, all with a stunning user interface that by default uses Avenir Next. The app may resemble the existing PM section in Riposte but it does so much more and if you’re on Riposte Pro you can launch Whisper from within Riposte and go back when you’re done messaging. The app is available for Free on the App Store with an in app purchase that unlocks pro features like more typefaces, auto dark and dark mode with full resolution uploads. Whisper Pro is available within the app for $4.99. The app icon is pretty darn amazing as well and we have it on our iPhone homescreen already.

The Finer Things In… Podcast

David Chartier’s Finer Things In Tech is all about the fine details, noticing the tiny nuances and about polished user interfaces. We’re huge fans of it and are glad to see him start a Finer Things In… podcast along with John Morrison. The podcast, unlike most other hour-long podcasts, will be around 20-minutes long and the first episode went live a few days ago. You can subscribe to it in iTunes or via its direct feed.

Just Type for Mac

We’ve written about Just Type, the gorgeous notes app for iOS in the past, but we completely missed the release of its Mac counterpart. The Mac App, available on the App Store, is just as gorgeous and just as awesome. It has iCloud sync, the choice of 7 different colors for the notes and 17 fonts to choose from. Shubham has also included a Full Screen mode, so your focus stays on the notes. You can grab Just Type for Mac from the Mac App Store for $4.99.


memories is a super-simple iPhone app that helps you keep track of some important events in your life. The app is designed to let you quickly add the dates of the events you want to track, along with a photo to help you remember it. memories remembers both past and upcoming events — showing you exactly how many days it has been or are left. It has the usual sharing options, so you can share the event with your friends and family if you want. It’s $0.99 on the App Store and is pretty good at what it does. I’d have hoped for some sync/backup options, though.

Vine for Android

Twitter finally released its short video sharing app, Vine, on Android a few days ago. The app looks really good with a nice modern Android themed look incorporating the Vine branding colours. Unfortunately the app’s current release is plagued with issues. The app is fully featured, just like its iOS counterpart and is available for Free on Google Play.

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