The Platter: 21 July 2013

The Platter: 21 July 2013

After taking an unfortunate break last weeked due to an issue beyond our control, we're back with some freshly baked pixels on our weekly Platter.


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Dispatch is a great utility mail app for iPhone designed to help you act on the emails in your inbox faster and easier. If you receive a lot of emails every day, it offers a powerful set of features that help you maintain a clutter-free inbox and lets you handle emails easier than most other mail apps. You can create custom snippets and reuse them in your emails or perform other actions on emails with a mere swipe. If you want to work on the email at a later date, you can remind yourself with the Reminders app in iOS or the integration with one of my must-have recommendations on iOS, Due app. Dispatch integrates with a bunch of other apps and is a really powerful app. It works with most IMAP-based email accounts, although there's no support for Push Notifications, Attachments, Search, Folders, etc. The core idea behind Dispatch is to help your process emails in your inbox faster, and Dispatch does an excellent job of that. It's available on the App Store for $4.99.


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In a market almost entirely dominated by Instagram and Camera+, VSCO's version 2.0 landed on the App Store and still managed to blow everyone away. VSCO Cam features some impressively amazing presets & nifty editing tools that result in stunning & spectacular photos. It has a flat, simplified UI and navigating through the app is pretty easy. Clicking and editing photos is an absolute breeze. You can publish your photos to your VSCO Grid, their own publishing system that lays out your photos in a beautiful grid, although it is takes a while for the invite to arrive. VSCO Cam is FREE on the App Store and comes bundled with a few presets, but you can purchase additional presets for $0.99 each or the entire collection of 48 presets for $5.99 (introductory price) via IAP.


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Eatify is a minimally beatiful iPhone app for discovering the sanitation scores for restaurants that you are looking to visit. There's a simple search bar at the top that lets you search for the resturant name and Eatify just displays the rating, front and center. That's it. Unfortunately, it's database is currently only limited to New York City. It's Free on the App Store.


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IFTTT has been a remarkable web-based service that lets users connect the data flow between online services with a simple premise — If this then that. The service holds numerous different channels for you to work with and there are tons of recipes that you can add to your account already. A couple of weeks ago, IFTTT launched their iPhone app that lets you handle recipes on the move and also introduces two additional channels available from the iPhone — Photos and Reminders. IFTTT's iPhone app is Free on the App Store.

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When I first came to know about Chartsy, it seemed like a really interesting concept with a very nicely implemented iPhone app. Chartsy lets you share cool or interesting things happening around your location. Noticed a film shoot or a gig happening a block away from you? Or may be the local bar has a special event tomorrow. You can post things like this for your area that others can explore. The app is nicely done, but suffers with one problem — for it to work, there needs to be a considerable userbase, which it currently lacks. It's Free on the App Store.


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You probably know by now how much I love word games on the iPhone. SpellRush is a fun & addictive word game for iPhone by Tobias Ahlin that involves creating words from a grid of letters in a set time. You can play a quick single game or go one-on-one by challenging a friend via Game Center. The longer a word is, the more points you score. Unlike Letterpress, the word you create needs to be made up using tiles next to each other in a single flow. The game is nicely done and has some lovely sounds too. Free on the App Store.

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