The Platter — 31 March 2013

The Platter — 31 March 2013

Yes, yes! We hear you. We love the great feedback you’ve been emailing us about our Platters and we really couldn’t be happier. We have also noted your suggestions and continue to improve every week. Along with the usual serving of iOS and interesting web stuff, we also have two great Mac apps for you to munch on. Moreover, you’ll also notice some shiny new ads on the right. We’ve started serving our own ads from today and we hope you like them. We’d like to thank the advertisers who support our work on the site and to you, our readers, for your great feedback. So go right ahead and check out this week’s Platter.

Filibaba Spreads

After winning us over with Filibaba Meals and more recently, with Filibaba Smoothies, the pixel pundits at Filibaba are back with another scrumptious serving in the form of Filibaba Spreads. Filibaba Spreads is a universal app that carries the same structure and layout of the previous apps, but comes with its own unique color scheme and of course, recipes. There are 100% Vegan recipes for delicious sandwiches & quick dinners. It’s got everything you expect from a Filibaba app and costs just $0.99 on the App Store.



Audiozue is a very nifty Mac app by Levi Nunnick that studies what you’re listening to from source like iTunes, Rdio and Spotify and generates a list of Trending songs. By using “a bit of complicated math to rank your favorite songs”, Audiozue presents your most favorite tracks, complete with gorgeous album art. It sits snuggly in the menu bar and even comes with its own little controller window that displays the current Album Art. Want to tell your freinds about your most trended song? Audiozue lets you share ’em on Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr. iCloud integration and scrobbling is included too. If you listen to a lot of Music, Audiozue should be a no-brainer, especially since it’s $4.99 on the App Store.



The folks behind DarkSkyApp have been on a roll lately. After the recent launch of — the incredible global weather web app and service provider, they have now made available the weather icons used in These icons are purely HTML5, generated and animated using JavaScript and the canvas tag. Even if you’re not a developer, they’re worth checking out.


Flow is an online task management & team collaboration software that we recently started playing with for Beautiful Pixels. It’s one of the most beautifully designed online tools that we’ve come across. Flow is a product of MetaLab Design, which also has other products like Ballpark & Pixel Union Tumblr Themes to their credit. We’ll have a more detailed write-up about Flow shortly on the site, but if you’re looking for a great online task management software for teams, definitely give Flow a try. There’s a free trial available and they’re also running a special Easter Sale where a year’s worth of Flow costs just $69.

Tictoc — The Simple Task Timer


Tictoc is a beautiful, minimal and simple menubar app for the Mac from the same folks who brought us Recall. Tictoc makes the actual task of tracking time very easy. Sporting a very modern Mac UI, Tictoc lets you add multiple tasks and even run simultaneous timers on them. You can add notes to every session and Tictoc even comes with full keyboard support for shortcuts. I have recently started to charge by the hour for a few clients and Tictoc has been wonderful at that. It’s $4.99 on the App Store.

Minimalist Calculator

[showcase id=”7201″]

Minimal Calculator, as the name suggests, is a calculator app for iPhone that sports a clean & minimal design. It has a scientific mode as well, so you can even perform those advanced calculations using this app. It comes with a few customization options like the ability to customize the font, font-size and the colors used in the app. You can enable/disable functions from a long list and toggle between two keyboard modes. Minimalist Calculator is free on the App Store, but if you’re not looking for something this advanced, Solvetica is another very excellent option.

Ready, Set, Baby!

Ready, Set, Baby! is the latest, interactive book guide from Open Air Publishing that’s designed specially for new parents. It features extensive guides, video tutorials and interactive lessons and comes neatly packaged for both iPhone and iPad. Open Air Publishing is already known to create some amazing book guides, our favorite being the The Better Bacon Book. If you know any new parents, Ready, Set, Baby! makes for a perfect little gift. You should definitely check it out.

We have some more great content lined up for next week’s platter, so stay tuned.