Maxthon’s New MX5 Marks a New Wave of Cloud Browser [Sponsor]

Maxthon’s New MX5 Marks a New Wave of Cloud Browser [Sponsor]

The next-gen web browser, Maxthon’s MX5, released its official version on October 27th after a successful beta trial testing the browser series’ newest features. The improved Maxnote (named Infobox in the beta version) is an all-in-one bookmarking, note-taking, and screen-shot saving feature that ensures you’ll never forget why you saved those webpages again. This combined with MX5’s password-saving Passkeeper and spam-filtering UUMail make MX5 a user-friendly, new wave of browser that is guaranteed to change the way you surf the web.

The PC version of MX5 boasts Android-integrated Cloud sharing and the returning Split Screen feature that make MX5 a favorite across mobile devices as well. In addition, the innovative Resource Sniffer from MX5’s beta supports more websites than ever before. Overall, with its optimized video experience, MX5 presents a high-quality browsing experience across your devices.

Not only does the PC version has been improved but the mobile version has released some important updates. The brand-new user interface provides a streamlined experience when switching between tabs. On top of that, the mobile version’s built-in 3D touch and fingerprint recognition has brought mobile browsing to a whole new level.

You can download MX5 on Maxthon’s official website, and start surfing the web with the future of browsers.

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