Write for Dropbox — A Beautiful Text Editor & Notes App [Sponsor]

Write for Dropbox — A Beautiful Text Editor & Notes App [Sponsor]

Our thanks to Write app for sponsoring this week’s RSS feed. Developed by Tanmay Sonawane (who’s also one of our new Editors here on Beautiful Pixels), Write is feature-packed and is designed to work as your goto text-editor on iOS. You should definitely check it out.

The act of writing in this age of computers & mobiles has completely evolved from pen and paper to a purely digital form. We now prefer writing down something in a text or word processor than on a piece of paper. The downside to that is – data loss, it’s a rampant problem and you never know when you’ll lose that important note you wrote. Write for Dropbox fixes all that and more in way that’s an absolute joy to use.

Write for Dropbox is a stunning plain text editor and notes app with full support for markdown. It features fully automated dropbox syncing which means no matter what, your notes will always be up-to-date and easily accessible from everywhere.

The app opens to a blank note, ready to write. There is a plethora of sharing options available – over 25 of them! Some of the prominent ones are Evernote, Google Drive, CloudApp, Facebook and Tweetbot support. And you can even add your own custom actions if you know your way around URL schemes. You can thus have virtually unlimited number of sharing actions.

Write features a unique and never-before-seen ‘Cursor Trackball’ mode and ‘Quick Look’ mode. The cursor mode allows you to accurately place the cursor with ease and using the quick look mode you can peek into the contents of any files with a long press gesture without even opening it. When it comes to Markdown support, Write will not disappoint you. It features a quick markdown preview even while writing and also allows you to insert images into your notes. The way it does this is, your photo will be first uploaded to your Dropbox account and a link is automatically fetched and added to the note with all the proper tags and formatting. All of these features are totally innovative and you won’t find them in any other app.

Write offers the prefect blend of what you’d expect from a quick note taking app such as Drafts and a full fledged writing tool such as iA Writer. It has an exhaustive gesture support such as pull to save or delete, the two finger long press to change font, brightness or activate the dark mode. The interface is very clean and minimalistic; it even provides a full screen mode for distraction free writing. The sliding panels based navigation is highly intuitive and time saving.

Write for iPhone comes with a free complimentary Mac application, which sits on your Mac’s menu bar and allows you to quickly jot down notes from your computer. These notes will be automatically synced to the iPhone app.

Write is available on the App Store for only $0.99 for a limited time. It’s beautiful and considering the feature list alone, it’s an absolute steal!