Yoink — Simplify And Improve Drag and Drop on your Mac [Sponsor]

Yoink — Simplify And Improve Drag and Drop on your Mac [Sponsor]

Dragging files between windows, apps, spaces and fullscreen applications can be cumbersome, having to keep the mouse button pressed until you’re at the files’ desired destination or having to know beforehand where the folder is you’d like to drag the files to.

Yoink simplifies this by providing a place where you can temporarily store your dragged files so your mouse is free to move around, allowing you to navigate through apps, spaces and windows far more easily.

For example, if you have a zip archive on your Mac’s hard drive and photo in your Photos and want to drag’n’drop them into an e-mail, you could open Mail, Photos and Finder side by side and drag the files one-by-one, but this can be time consuming and clutters your desktop with windows. It’s also almost impossible if you’re using these apps in fullscreen mode.

Instead, you can drag both the zip archive and photo to Yoink and then drag both into Mail when you’re ready.
And it’s not just files and photos – Yoink handles text, email messages, code, and just about any other file or content.

The way Yoink works is straight-forward.

When you start dragging something, Yoink appears at the left edge of your screen, allowing you to drag to it. It follows you through spaces and fullscreen apps so the files are ready for you when you need them.
If you have several files in Yoink at once, QuickLook Previews can come in quite handy to identify files you’re about to drag out.

Yoink is highly customizable, so you can decide where Yoink shows up (at either side of your screen, top, center or bottom), and when (as soon as a drag starts or when you move your mouse to the edge of your screen), which applications Yoink should ignore drags from, if alias files should be resolved and more.

Yoink Website (free 15-day Demo available) | Yoink on the Mac App Store ($6.99)

Yoink is an app crafted with care by Eternal Storms Software, also responsible for Transloader, ScreenFloat, Glimpses, flickery and SiriMote.

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