Procreate for iPad gets the Biggest Update of 2016 with Version 3.1

Savage Interactive has just released Version 3.1 of Procreate — the phenomenally powerful app to sketch, paint and create wonderful work of art on an iPad. Procreate has by far been one of the best apps creative apps to get on an iPad and with today’s release, it’s getting better than ever. The folks at SI are calling it their “biggest update of 2016!”.

Version 3.1 ships with features such as Streamline, Quick Menu, Automatic Selection, Better Canvas Creation, a Modify button for the Eyedropper tool, Advanced Gesture Controls, Tilt customizer for the Apple Pencil, Video recording up to 4K, PDF export and Duplicate Selection into a New Layer. This update also fixes the silly animation that used to play when flipping the canvas.

Procreate 3.1 is a Free Update to existing users and is available for iPads $5.99 on the App Store. If you have an iPhone, Procreate’s sister app, known as Procreate Pocket is available for $2.99.

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