30 Seconds of CSS

30 seconds of CSS is a nifty little website that offers a curated collection of useful CSS snippets. This is a project by GitHub user @atomiks, who’s previously appeared on Beautiful Pixels for Reddit User Analyser.

The site features CSS snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less and is inspired by 30 seconds of code. Each snippet includes the html code, corresponding css, a demo, browser support information and more importantly, an explanation of what each snippet does, and how.

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The Responsive House Animation

A few months ago, Gal Shir posted this lovely and impressive animated GIF titled Responsive House on Dribbble. It features a slider that when moved from right to left, the house above it goes from 6 Rooms to 5 Rooms to 4 Rooms and then to 3 Rooms. It’s quite fascinating to look at that animation, so go ahead and check it out before [...]


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