Day One In Depth

Day One has long been one of my favorite apps available out there. It is not just the best journal app, it is also an incredibly well-crafted app in general. The team at Bloom Built has done an impeccable job of continuously improving a simple journaling app into an amazing experience that it is today. I’ve been recommending Day [...]

Day One Sync

Day One is, without a doubt, the best journaling app out there for iOS and Mac. The talent at Bloom Built has continued to add improvements and new features to the app with every release over the years and today, it exists as an absolutely stellar app for journaling your life through your iOS and Mac. Both the Mac and iOS app offer a [...]

Day One for iOS 8

Day One is by far my favorite journaling app. It offers beautifully designed & feature-rich apps for iPhone, iPad & Mac and even allows publishing select updates to the web. The app has won critical acclaim, even from Apple, winning the prestigious Apple Design Award for its Mac app at WWDC ’14. Today, the developers have [...]


Announcing a Few Changes to Beautiful Pixels


Screeny 2.0 Goes Beyond Screenshots, Lets You Delete Unwanted (Live) Photos & Videos