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Paper by FiftyThree New App Icon

At a Glance: Paper by FiftyThree’s New App Icon

Paper by FiftyThree was one of my favorite iPad apps back in the day. It offered a lovely way to sketch, scribble or note down your ideas or thoughts, just like you would pen something down on a piece of paper or a diary. It was wonderfully executed and using it was a lot of fun. Today, the app has received a major update that brings along, amongst other things, a brand new App Icon. The new icon is way...

Pixelmator for iOS 11

Pixelmator 2.4 “Cobalt” is Ready for iOS 11

Pixelmator for iOS has long been one of the finest drawing and sketching apps available on the App Store. Coupled with the Pixelmator app for Mac that does a terrific job of editing your images, the duo is known to be a fantastic alternative to some of the expensive image editing suites out there. The Pixelmator Team today has released Pixelmator for iOS 2.4 “Cobalt” on the App Store. This release comes fully compatible with iOS 11 and brings along...

Archisketch for iPad

Archisketch — Scale Aware Sketching & Drawing on the iPad [Sponsor]

Archisketch, which was initially called Archipad, has come a long way since Version 1.1 which was positively reviewed here on Beautiful Pixels. This week, the developers of Archisketch dropped version 2.7.1 which is available for download from the App Store. True to its initial objectives, Archisketch continues to combine freehand sketching and solid line drawing tools to facilitate early stage design and development process, a counterpoint to complicated CAD and BIM softwares used in the design industries. This has made...

Procreate for iPad gets the Biggest Update of 2016 with Version 3.1

Silk 2

Silk 2 — Interactive Generative Art

Back in 2011, we told you about Silk — an experimental project in generative art by Yuri Vishnevsky. It was a stunning example of what could be achieved using HTML5’s <canvas> element and back then, as I stood in awe, I always wondered what could be achieved had this been implemented natively on iOS. Unfortunately, I somehow lost track of the project up until a few days ago, when Devin, one of our regular readers, emailed us about Silk 2...