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Canva — Design for the Internet Age

One of the banes of my existence is my complete lack of ability with design. Sure, I can appreciate good design just as well as anyone else, but actually coming up with something for myself is an exercise in futility. I can think of no better example to illustrate this than my fashion sense — Send me in to a clothing shop by myself, and I’ll walk out with two things depending on the occasion – checked shirts and jeans...

Affinity Photo’s Windows Beta is a Godsend for PC Photographers

PDF Expert 2 — The Powerful PDF Editor for Mac

These days, Readdle has made a name for itself when it comes to apps that involve documents. The company makes some of the best apps out there, like Documents for handling your documents from various sources, Scanner Pro for scanning your documents, Printer Pro for printing documents, Spark for email, and PDF Office, PDF Expert and PDF Convertor for all your PDF needs. This week, Readdle introduces PDF Expert 2 — a gigantic update to the powerful and robust PDF...

Pixelmator for iOS 11

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS Adds Advanced Quick Selection and Magnetic Selection Tools

The Pixelmator Team has yesterday released Version 2.3 of Pixelmator for iOS that introduces two new impressive features to the app — Quick Selection Tool and Magnetic Selection Tool. Ever since its debut on iOS, Pixelmator has been one of, if not the most essential apps to have on your iPhone or iPad for editing photos or images. The Pixelmator Team has continued to add some incredible features to the app and it’s easy to forget that all this is...

Affinity Photo Celebrates its 1st Birthday with a 20% OFF Sale