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Free .design Domain Names

Claim Your Free .design Domain Name… Before Someone Else Does!

Perhaps you’ve already seen the new .design domain on a friend’s site, business card or being used by some of the major companies amplifying their design content on .design, like Facebook.design. The basic premise is that it is impossible to get a good .com domain. Maybe you’ve come up with a great idea for a website name, only to find that it’s already taken. Maybe you already have a website name but want it to be more reflective of what...

Undisturbed for macOS

Undisturbed — Distraction-Free Do Not Disturb Setting for Mac

Undisturbed is a small and really clever menubar app by Arno Appenzeller that lets you focus on your work more effectively. It works by enabling the Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on your Mac and disabling the Notification Badges in the Dock. The Do No Disturb (DND) setting on macOS disables all notifications and alerts, but you still continue to see app icon badges for all apps in your Dock. This works in most cases, but if you really don’t...

Vert Lite — Free Unit & Currency Converter

Vert Lite — Free Unit & Currency Converter We’ve written about Vert, the beautifully simple Unit & Currency Converter for iPhone & iPad, here on Beautiful Pixels twice in the past. The app which is available on the App Store for $2.99 now also has a Free version so that potentially interested users can try it out and upgrade via IAP. You can download it from the App Store here.

8 Sans Serifs you must have in your Font Collection

I’ve done some font collecting over the years. But I’m boring when it comes to typography, mostly relying on the talents of Myriad Pro and Garamond as my base serifs and sans-serifs. But there have been a few more that have caught my eye, and this time it’s about sans-serifs. They’re great for headlines and subheads, and make posters and other artwork really pop. Here’s a look at 8 free sans serif fonts that you must have in your font...