The Dialogue: Greg Kasavin

After the fantastic entry we had for The Dialogue in December with Matias Duarte, we are back with 2016’s first entry: Greg Kasavin of Supergiant Games. For the uninitiated, Supergiant is behind some of our favorite games, including Transistor. We got to talk to Greg about his thoughts on design, the games industry, and [...]

The Highlight 2015 — Games

2015 has been an amazing year for games with quality releases across all the platforms. There were games that impressed me not just visually, but also from a design perspective. This year has seen the release of the Apple TV as an apps and games platform, along with the PS4 and Xbox One breaking sales records. 2015 is also the year in [...]

Kentucky Route Zero Act III

Kentucky Route Zero(henceforth KRZ) by Cardboard Computer is an insanely great looking point and click adventure (this is an understatement) game. They should have just called it “screenshot as wallpaper: the official game” because it is visually that good. I reviewed Act I and II almost a year ago and Act III finally released last week. [...]


Announcing a Few Changes to Beautiful Pixels


Screeny 2.0 Goes Beyond Screenshots, Lets You Delete Unwanted (Live) Photos & Videos