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Affinity Photo’s Windows Beta is a Godsend for PC Photographers

Pixelmator for iOS 11

Pixelmator 2.3 for iOS Adds Advanced Quick Selection and Magnetic Selection Tools

The Pixelmator Team has yesterday released Version 2.3 of Pixelmator for iOS that introduces two new impressive features to the app — Quick Selection Tool and Magnetic Selection Tool. Ever since its debut on iOS, Pixelmator has been one of, if not the most essential apps to have on your iPhone or iPad for editing photos or images. The Pixelmator Team has continued to add some incredible features to the app and it’s easy to forget that all this is...

Affinity Photo Celebrates its 1st Birthday with a 20% OFF Sale

Pixelmator Comes to the iPhone

Pixelmator has long been one of our favorite apps available on the Mac. This powerful and native image editor for Mac has continued to evolve over the years and continues to gain some impressive features with every release. Late last year, the Pixelmator Team brought the powerful image editing features to the iOS with the release of Pixelmator for iPad. The app was one of the most outstanding experiences I’d tried on my iPad and Apple even demoed it at...

Filters for iPhone has 800+ Filters for your Photos

Pretty much everyone in your social circle posts photos these days. Instagram and other similar apps are immensely popular today and people are posting all kinds of photos to the service. If you love taking photos and applying filters to transform some into something extraordinary, you’re gonna love Filters for iPhone. It is an iPhone app by Mike Rundle, who’s previously built apps like Interesting for iPhone and runs projects like Design then Code. Filters lets you choose from over...