Flume for Mac Returns with Version 2.6, Available for Download Directly

Just a day after we wrote about Flume for Mac leaving the Mac App Store, the developers have released Version 2.6 that along with some new features, makes the app available for download directly from the website.

You can download the app for Free or upgrade to the Pro version for just $10. If you’ve previously purchased the Pro version from the Mac App Store, you get to transfer your license for Free. Old users who still have a copy of the app get a cool 70% discount on the list price.

Flume App Leaves the Mac App Store

Flume App, the beautiful Instagram app for Mac with a host of features, announced last week that the app is no longer available on the Mac App Store. This, according to the devs, is because Apple had rejected version 2.5 update of the app and had removed the previous versions from sale.

Just minutes before submitting the update to Apple, we received notification from Apple that after re-reviewing our app by seemingly random selection, we had one week to make significant changes or be removed from the App Store. Due to the timing of the notification, the 2.5 update was submitted unchanged, while we tried to seek further clarification from Apple as the notification suggested we could. Repeated attempts to receive clarification and assurances from Apple went unanswered. Eventually the 2.5 update was reviewed and after more than 48 hours, rejected for the same reasons as the previous notification.

As of this morning, Apple has now removed the previous version (2.4.2) from the App Store without any further replies to our questions/concerns.

Apple seems to have an issue with the app’s uploading capabilities, but as the post mentions, there are other apps who offer the same functionality too.

Currently, Flume is not available on the Mac App Store and the devs are working on a standalone version to be released soon.

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