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Flume Instagram App for Mac

Flume 2.7 Adds Carousel Uploads, Saved Collections and 2FA Settings

Flume for Mac — the outstandingly beautiful Instagram app for Mac was updated to version 2.7 last week. This version introduces some great new features to the app. Flume 2.7 adds full support for carousel/multi-image uploads. Instagram added this feature back in February and Flume has supported browsing, viewing and editing them since Flume 2.5 which was released in March. We’ve gone a step further than what you can do on the mobile Instagram apps however, as we’ve provided complete...

Flume for Mac Returns with Version 2.6, Available for Download Directly

Flume App Leaves the Mac App Store

Followio for iPhone

Followio — A Lovely App to Track Your Followers [Updated]

Followio is a lovingly and beautifully crafted iPhone app to track your followers across various websites. Designed by Denis Rojčyk and developed by Martin Pilch, Followio is a great way to take a quick glimpse at your follower count and see a graph of how the count has changed over the last few days. The app is really simple to use and supports accounts from the following social networks and websites: Twitter Instagram YouTube Dribbble Google+ Vimeo Soundcloud It displays...

Flume Instagram App for Mac

Flume is a Beautiful Instagram App for Mac

Instagram is quite possibly one of the most popular apps out there today. After being acquired by Facebook for a whopping $1 Billion, its usage and popularity has been steadily rising. Many of my offline friends now have an Instagram account, but they still either don’t have a Twitter account or just “get” Twitter. Instagram has had apps for smartphones for quite some time now, and they’ve been improving them over the years. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a decent Instagram...

Retro for Instagram on iPad

It is pretty shocking that there’s still no Instagram app for iPad. Not only do iPads have decent cameras on them now, but they are also great to edit photos with, and view media in general. Sure, you can use the iPhone app in 2x mode, but that really isn’t a good experience. I’ve been using Retro for Instagram on iPad for a long time now and it just hit 2.0, which is a great update.