Vellum Adds a Premium IAP with Access to Four Weeks of Daily Wallpapers

We’re big fans of Vellum here. It’s a lovely little app that delivers some amazing wallpapers for iPhone and has been growing its collection over the last few months. Vellum added a new ‘Daily Wallpapers‘ section back in May and last month, introduced a $0.99 option to disable the ads in the app that we’ve complained about. In an update released today, Vellum has replaced the $0.99 IAP with a new $1.99 ‘Premium’ IAP that not just disables the ads, but also gives you access to the last four weeks of Daily Wallpapers in the Daily Archive. If you already purchased the $0.99 IAP to disable ads, you get access to the Daily Archive for free.

Vellum is available Free on the App Store.


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