Firetail — Get Push Notifications, SMS, and Email Alerts for your Favorite Stocks ? ? [Sponsor]

If you’re someone who spends a good amount of time and money on the stock market, then keeping up with the stock prices is an essential part of your day-to-day lives. People usually keep an eye on several stock prices simultaneously, so having a nifty iPhone app in your pocket that does the bulk of the work for you is something [...]

Fantastical 2.4 for Mac

Flexibits today released Fantastical 2.4 for Mac — a major update to the popular calendar app for Mac that brings some much-requested and power-packed features to the app.

Fantastical 2.4 for Mac introduces features like travel time notifications, attachments, ability to combine identical events across multiple calendars, improvements to the month view, and a bunch of other improvements across the board.

This is a free update to existing Fantastical 2 users, and the app is available for $50 on the Mac App Store.

Stand for Mac

One of my favorite features of the Apple Watch is its hourly reminder, nagging you to get up and walk around for a minute. As someone who spends many hours a day sitting at a desk and staring at two giant screens, the hourly reminders prove to be of great help to at least pay some attention to your own health. Inspired by this, Stand for [...]


Announcing a Few Changes to Beautiful Pixels


Screeny 2.0 Goes Beyond Screenshots, Lets You Delete Unwanted (Live) Photos & Videos