Panic Stops Development of Transmit for iOS & Removes it from Sale

Panic has announced that it is ceasing development of Transmit for iOS effective immediately. The app will be removed from sale soon, as Panic believes that it doesn’t want to sell something that isn’t actively developed.

Announcing this on the Panic blog, Cabel Sasser says:

Transmit iOS made about $35k in revenue in the last year, representing a minuscule fraction of our overall 2017 app revenue. That’s not enough to cover even a half-time developer working on the app. And the app needs full-time work — we’d love to be adding all of the new protocols we added in Transmit 5, as well as some dream features, but the low revenue would render that effort a guaranteed money-loser. Also, paid upgrades are still a matter of great debate and discomfort in the iOS universe, so the normally logical idea of a paid “Transmit 2 for iOS” would be unlikely to help. Finally, the new Files app in iOS 10 overlaps a lot of file-management functionality Transmit provides, and feels like a more natural place for that functionality. It all leads to one hecka murky situation.

Thankfully, Cabel says that Transmit for Mac, Coda for iOS and Prompt for iOS are all doing well, so this change only applies to Transmit for iOS for now.

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